The beautiful woman next to me is my wife. And although she is upside down, I give her two thumbs up. Not pictured are our three fantastic daughters who are three and under. We love life, and we believe that photography is an amazing way to remember it.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of capturing moments of life through the lens, from engagement to marriage to maternity to newborn to family portraits and then all over again. Life is a beautiful gift worth remembering and remembering well.

A portrait by a photographer can tell a story that a simple iPhone snapshot cannot. Don’t get me wrong. Some people, Brooklyn based photographer Patrick Kolts being one of them, can take such stunning images from his iPhone that you practically cannot tell the difference between his snapshots and his intentional portraits. But he is an instagram legend, and the rest of us mortals usually need help to capture the special moments as we would want them remembered.

My wife has always had a passion for photography. She was the reason we  purchased our first DSLR, our trusty D700. However, I quickly caught the bug, the technical side of lenses and sensors and focal lengths arrested my geeky side, and I joined the party. Together as a team we strike a balance of creative vision and thoughtful planning to produce the images you see on this website. We are absolutely beyond grateful for you stopping by, and we hope to talk to you soon!