Ben + Nicole

Ben and Nicole are getting married! That’s why they look so happy. You can’t see my face but I was smiling the whole time too, how often do you get to play in the snow AND shoot photos? Not that often. We had a blast and are so excited for Ben and Nicole!

Ben + Nicole Engagement-2Ben + Nicole Engagement-4Ben + Nicole Engagement-7Ben + Nicole Engagement-6Ben + Nicole Engagement-8Ben + Nicole Engagement-9Ben + Nicole Engagement-10

Ben + Nicole Engagement-12

Ben + Nicole Engagement-13Ben + Nicole Engagement-14Ben + Nicole Engagement-15

Ben + Nicole Engagement-17

Ben + Nicole Engagement-18Ben + Nicole Engagement-19Ben + Nicole Engagement-20

Ben + Nicole Engagement-22

Ben + Nicole Engagement-21

Ben + Nicole Engagement-25

Ben + Nicole Engagement-24

Ben + Nicole Engagement-27

Ben + Nicole Engagement-28


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